Conservative Political Activism Classes

Want to know how to fight political battles…and win? We can show you how!

Conservative Political Activism Class

Tickets are $15 each. The class is approximately 2 hours long.

The Title of Liberty Enterprises CPA class is a political class like you will NEVER encounter any time in school or in most political classes. Do you want to know how politics really works in the capitol in your state? Do you want to know how to fight back? Do you want to understand how to fight AND win?

In this class you will learn:
*The real nature of politics. *What your civics classes won’t tell you about how politics is really done. *How to avoid getting hoodwinked by politicians. *How to steer through the political lies. *How to defend Idaho from radical progressives. *And more!

This class isn’t for those looking to sit back and relax. It may upend everything you know about politics. It’s time to fight back before it’s too late!

Upcoming Classes

More coming soon!