2nd Amendment Activist is Now Title of Liberty Enterprises!


Press Release – May 22nd, 2019

After much prayer and discussion with our members and supporters, we are happy to announce that the 2nd Amendment Activist brand is now Title of Liberty Enterprises.

The primary goal of the 2nd Amendment Activist was to show citizens how they could be engaged at the grassroots level in fighting for gun rights across the United States. We have been very successful in doing so and we are proud to have you guys standing with us.

As the 2nd Amendment Activist grew, we got numerous requests from other organizations that didn’t necessarily deal with the 2nd Amendment. They dealt with taxes, land issues, and health freedom. They wanted to know how we fought at the capitol and what they could do as well.

We knew that a change was necessary.

In order to accommodate our efforts to help not just 2nd Amendment activists, we needed a name change to encompass a broader effort for our work.

The focus of Title of Liberty Enterprises is the same as the 2nd Amendment Activist: Teaching grassroots activists how to fight for the changes they desire!

As a result of these changes, we have narrowed our membership options and will soon stop the sale of 2nd Amendment Activist items. You can see in the Shop that 2nd Amendment Activist items have been discounted and will no longer be sold once they are gone.

We still ask that you become Freedom Members of Title of Liberty Enterprises and help us get more liberty-minded folks engaged in their state political system.

Thank you all for your support!

Greg Pruett – President – Title of Liberty Enterprises

1 thought on “2nd Amendment Activist is Now Title of Liberty Enterprises!

  1. Glenn Smith Reply

    Greg. While I agree with and applaud your move to a focus on all our liberties I will support “Title of Liberty” efforts only in those areas that I agree with. I personally would prefer I2AA retain it’s autonomy under the “Title of Liberty” umbrella. Please give thought to the concept of Title of Liberty being a “Parent” organization with topic specific groups in a second tier for those who like me focus their attention on a narrow grouping of issues they can afford to support.
    Thank you again for all you are doing for Freedom in America and Idaho.
    Glenn Smith

    ps. I am open to a phone conversation if you are so inclined. cell # 208 503 0990

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